Couch Surfing Interview

Guess what? decided to interview me about my experiences using the site during Cross Country In A Ford. Yea! The interviewer was an awesome women named Mars (nickname) from Brazil, yea for Sype as well, and

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San Diego Malcolm X Library Workshop

I had a great time in San Diego delivering a financial education workshop entitled “10 Money Tips for Students” based on my new book, 10 Things College Students Need to Know About Money.

Shay with the owners of J Tea Sweet Tea

There were a couple of wonderful vendors at the event. I met Joyce Bryant of J Tea Sweet Tea setting up in the morning. She was nice enough to give me a bottle of tea and it was good. I really appreciate her gift. If you want to get your own bottle of tea or have them cater an event for you, contact Joyce at (619) 266-9804. Yum!

The other vendor that I was fortunate enough to meet was Veronica. She owns AnaVero BodyCafe. She has everything, and I mean everything, you need to look and feel great. I admired one of her many shea based body butters and she gave it to me. You know I’m all about energy, and Veronica is a beautiful person inside and out. Check out her jewelry and body creams, hair oils, incense, candles and other goods by calling her at (650) 450-7178 or visiting AnaVero BodyCafe.

There was a lively group of participants and I was ON, as usual. We had a great time. People always think that financial education will be boring and are usually surprised to be at a workshop about money talking, laughing, and sharing with people they didn’t even know a few moments ago!

After the workshop folks bought copies of 10 Things Students Need to Know About Money and Money Matters: The Get it done in 1 Minute Workbook. I’m so glad that people are starting to enjoy learning about financial education! They tell me that they like my work because it’s simple and to the point. I hope they know that I love them just like they love me. Here are a few clips from the workshop:

Don’t believe everyone had a great time? Check this out –>

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Shay at LABBX

Money management made simple.

One of the stops on my tour to promote financial literacy was the Los Angeles Black Book Expo. I had the opportunity to give some tips, share some information, and meet some wonderful authors. The videos below are from some of the wonderful people I met while at LABBX. There were tons of authors there, but these were the ones I was able to chat and have meaningful conversation with. Check out their works:

Shades of Retribution from Chandra Adams

Chandra’s not only an author. She is also the owner of publishing house Adrolite Press. Shades of Retribution is a GREAT book! I own a copy and I encourage you to purchase one as well. The story will make you want to curse, smile, and maybe hurt someone. Want to know more about publishing? Check out Chandra’s 10 tips for starting your own publishing company. Thanks, Chandra!

My Husband Made a Man Out Of Me and I Resent It from Cecile Forte

When I first heard of Mrs. Forte’s book I was a little confused, but when we met I knew I had found a kindred soul. Her book is a tribute to her father, husband, and all men that are strong enough to love an empowered woman. You guys know how I am, so it’s no surprise that I LOVE this book. Find out more at her website.

30 Days at 100% from Crystal Wright

This lady does it all! We talked about how she came up with her awesome workbook that helps you make small changes that make a big difference. You know I liked that! She told me that some of us aren’t living our lives at 100%. Some days it may seem more like we’re living at 40%. Other days maybe 60%. Crystal wants to help each of us make the most of ourselves and our lives by providing a tool to help us start with the small changes that help us feel better about ourselves and allow us to change bigger things. She’s been working in the entertainment field for a while and she’s even teaching a course at Cal State LA this semester. Find out all about Crystals goings on at

Natural Born Killers from Terry Wroten

I am so impressed with this young man. He wrote Natural Born Killers to show the horrors of gang life after spending 10 years in prison. Yea, I said 10 years in prison. He’s only 24 now. He talks about it better than I can, so watch the video then purchase his book on Amazon.

Madame C.J. Walker’s Road to Success from Donnette Black

Check out Donnette and her children’s book at her site.

In Lieu of Light from Wayne Jackson

If you’re looking for a story about Black vampires, Wayne has got you covered. The second book in the series was released this summer. Check out his work on Amazon.

Mischa Toland of Greatness Now

Mischa works to help each of us reach our full potential. She has written numerous books and has over 300 products available to help you be great! Check out her work at

My Kind of Girl from Michael McGrew

Michael has an infection energy about him. I hadn’t heard of his book, My Kind of Girl, before LABBX but after speaking with him I’m going to make sure to read it. Check out the video and buy the book.

Lori Carter, Owner of Smiley’s Books in Carson

Lori has been providing a space for folks to buy books near CSU Dominguez Hills (go Toros!) for a good ling while. Her bookstore not only provides an alternative to the big box stores, but they also have an award winning fresh juice bar! You can purchase 10 Things College Students Need to Know About Money and Money Matters: The Get It Done in 1 Minute Workbook from Smiley’s. You know I had to throw that in there. Find out more about Smiley’s Books.

I had a great time at the Los Angeles Black Book Expo and I still have two more dates on the financial literacy tour:

Saturday, September 11
San Diego
I’ll be delivering a free workshop for college students at Malcolm X Library from 10am to noon. Come on out and bring a student! If you pre-order your copy of 10 Things College Students Need to Know About Money you’ll also get a recording entitled “The 5 Most Common Money Mistakes College Students Make …. and How to Avoid Them”. I’ll bring your book and recording to the event. See you in sunny, San Diego!

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El Paso

We had a great time in Dallas, but alas it’s time to go home. We packed up and left hoping that the car would make it back home.

Yea... it's not supposed to be crunched up like that.

We were staying with Luis from Couch Surfing and this would be our last couch surfing adventure. It seems like the longer we’re on this adventure the more upset people get about us couch surfing. I’ve even been accused of leading my family down the path of destruction because we’ve chosen to stay with folks we don’t know across the country. I’m an educated, well-traveled woman with dignity and class so I’d like to take this time to respond by saying *blows rasberry*.

In Jackson we stayed with an awesome young man and his girlfriend that provided us with our own room and bathroom, played with Edgar and gave him kisses, and offered to make us dinner though we didn’t get in until about 10pm.

In Alexandria we stayed on a beautiful piece of land next to the Red River with some of the most gracious hosts I’ve ever encountered. We had our own room with an ensuite bathroom. They made us breakfast (every heard of a cheater’s omlet?), gave us a jar of mayhaw jam, let our dog run amok near the pond, and invited us back if we’re in town again.

I understand that everyone you meet might not be made of rainbows and happiness, but I think that there are plenty of folks that are. We seem to have met every single one of them on this trip. People we didn’t know were willing to go out of their way from Cali all the way to Atlanta and back again. Thanks to all of you because this trip would not have been possible without you. Since we experienced all of these positive folks, and heard so much negativity about it, I thought that my luck may have run out by the time we made it into El Paso.

We got in early, ate at Rudy’s BBQ (Edgar LOVES brisquet), and went to get Edgar some more food. Following Luis’ directions we came across a plaza with Pet’s Barn in it. We decided to go in and see if we could get Edgar a little din-din, but were not prepared for what we found.

I know that folks love their pets, but wow! I don’t think I ever saw anything like this in my life. It surprised me so much I just had to get a photo.

Who knew?


They didn’t have the food we like to buy for Edgar so we went across the street to a big-box pet store. We got the food and were on our way. Luis didn’t get off until 9pm, so we had a bit of time to kill. Anyone up for a $0.99 Icee from Burger King? Oh yea! Sidenote: remind me to tell you how much money we spent on Burger King this trip. I gave Luis a call around 9pm to let him know that we were in town. He told me that he was waiting on his last driver to come in and he’d give me a call when he was finished. Cool. We went to the Dollar Tree and stocked up on treats for the last stretch into Los Angeles.

10pm. Still no call. We drove over to Luis’ house and parked near his home. While we were killing time we decided to walk Edgar. This is a NICE area! The homes are all modern looking with beautiful foyers with two story glass windows that allow you to see the stairways and ornate light fixtures. Nice places, but Luis was still not home. We decided to wait in the car.

About 11:15pm Luis pulls up. We are so tired that we don’t even bring our stuff in. We welcomes us in, provides water, and tells us about his grandmother’s recipe for huevos rancheros that he’ll make for us in the morning. We’re almost home, so we decide to get up at 5am and make the last miles into LA. Riiiiiiiight… lol

Luis wakes us up at 5am and I tell him to wake me up in an hour. I’m a great houseguest, no? lol By the time I finally drag my sorry ass out of bed it’s 7:30am and we have to get on the road! We chit chat with Luis a bit while stealing ALL of his ice from the freezer. Hey, we’re going through the desert and need water. Don’t judge me … lol

It turns out that Luis runs his own company, Restaurant Express, in El Paso. Nice! You know I love to see a young person in business for themselves. Long story short, we had to get on the road, so no huevos rancheros for us. =(

Hello Cali! We’re coming to see you!

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Promise House

I’m so happy that I got the chance to work with Promise House in Oak Cliff again. I started volunteering back when I was in graduate school at UNT for anthropology. The first thing I ever did was volunteer at a Hallowen event with Sonja. She was awesome then and she’s awesome now. She really cares about the students in her charge.

What in the heck do social constructions have to do with personal finance?

I’m not allowed to show photos of the students, but we had a great time learning about scarcity, abundance, social constructions, and marketing ploys. Ahhhh… the beauty of growing young minds.

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The Dock Bookshop

Saturday, August 14th

Thank you The Dock Bookshop! I had a great time, met some awesome folks, and found a few new potential partnerships. =)

Thanks Donna and Donya!

Here are some of the folks I met:

Thanks Bro. Barry!

Maybe I should write a book for ballers? hmmmmm….

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Stuck in Dallas

We made it to fam’s house, but now we’re stuck here. The car starts, but it won’t actually get in gear. I looked on Craigslist to find a mobile mechanic and thank goodness I found an awesome guy that was willing to come out and take a look at the car for $20! Whoo hoo Craigslist.

He realizes it's the drive shaft.

We had to buy a new one for $65 and pay him $90 to change it. Not too bad considering why the drive shaft is broken into two pieces.

He had to pull off the tire to get at the drive shaft.

He was able to get the old one off and the new one on pretty quickly. We were happy to be back on the road … until …. we remembered that we still had to fix the original problem of the tire.

This far in the game our car troubles have included:
Blown out tire – Alburquerque, NM
Blown out tire – Jackson, TN
Dead battery – Pearl, MS
Blown out tire – Canton, TX

We were able to get two almost new tires for $50. Not a bad deal when you realize we spent $125 on two tires in Jackson.

All is well, but we’re not home yet. All I can do is hope for the best. The Los Angeles Black Book Expo is on Saturday. I’m delivering a panel and a workshop so I hope we make it back in one piece and on time.

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